One Man Hide and Seek (Different Version)

This is totally different version of One Man Hide and Seek. The only exception is that you’ll be playing with a loose spirit instead of a doll with a spirit bound to it.

As always, if you decide to play, proceed with caution and do this at your own risk.

What You’ll Need:

A Pin

Two bowls

Chicken bones (Don’t judge….)

Matches (Make sure you don’t burn the house down!)

A single candle

Beginning The Game:

Go into a pitch black room where you can’t see. If there are any windows, block them somehow. At 11:55 PM, go outside the room where the objects will be. You’ve got five minutes to get ready. At 12:00 AM, enter the room with all the objects. Put the bones in the first bowl, laying it on the ground. Light the candle and say, “Bones, you may see!”. Immediately, leave the room with the candle and second bowl. Now, he knows. Quickly, prick your finger and let the blood into the second bowl. Returning back to the room, place it on the floor and say, “Blood, you may see.” Leave the room. He is coming. For the final time, go back into the room and say, “Flesh, you may not see. You may find.” He is here. Your life is in grave danger. This is the time to look for a good hiding spot! You have five minutes to hide yourself from him and when you’re in your spot, he’ll begin searching. The reason the room must be dark is because if you can’t see, it’ll be harder for him to look for you. Once in the room, the amount of time it will take him to look is great since this room is very unfamiliar, which in your case is a WIN! If there is the slightest ray of light, death is almost immediate, even though you weren’t given a chance to hide.

As you’re hiding, do not move a muscle or make a peep. Any of these will give you away.  If you’re caught, you will die and your body, the chicken bones and blood will be taken down to Hell. Also, you must stay in your hiding place for at least an hour or until the sun comes up. This will decrease your chances of being found but only by so little. Like I said, only by so little. There is a chance where he’ll get you. The time that he’ll be looking varies as he sets it out by his standards. From as little as a few minutes up to the sun’s rising, it depends. To know if he’s close, listen to heavy breathing and loud footsteps. The opposite happens when he leaves until there’s pure silence. Then you’ll know it’s safe to come out. If you’ve managed to keep yourself safe throughout the game, you have won! Just remember that you can never play this game again. EVER.

Have fun and play safe!



2 responses to “One Man Hide and Seek (Different Version)

  1. What the they said you’ll go to hell what is this the devil or something your trying to give us a hart attach or kill us trying to play with the devil this shouldn’t be allowed on hear.

    • I’m very sorry that you feel that way, but I did put out a warning. Also, this is just for entertainment’s sake. If you feel offended by reading this, then please read another one of my posts. Thank you.

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